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TutorPros is your personalized tutoring service.

TutorPros has been tutoring students of all ages in North Texas and beyond since 1997. Our college test prep classes and subject matter classes for K – college are taught by certified teachers and professors.

We help students at every level turn their B’s into A’s, and get the college SAT and ACT scores they need to get better scholarship offers.


“My son was tutored by Ms. Christi this Spring for the STAAR test. Please let her know that he only missed 2 questions on the reading. Thank you for your help.” -Kirsten

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Services include tutoring for K – College students in any subject.

From Algebra to Chemistry, Spanish to Biology, we have experts ready to personally encourage and guide students online to not only do well on assignments and tests, but to really understand and master the material.


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Imagine scoring big on the SAT and other important tests!

Our students have raised their SAT and ACT scores, mastered test-taking strategies, and become better overall students with our proven test prep programs. With choices like 1-on-1 tutoring, small online group tutoring, and even our self-paced digital option, students can learn in the way that suits them the best.


“My son scored a 1400 on his SAT, including a 710 on his Reading/Writing. All of the improvements on the sections on which you and your team worked with him, and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your efforts.”

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TutorPros Summer Academy coming in June!

Our exciting Summer Academy classes and tutoring starts June 1. Get ahead for next year or make up for ground lost this past school year.

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    What can you and your student expect from TutorPros?

    You and your student can expect personalized expert online tutoring and college test prep help from our 25+ teachers and professors – most of whom are Teacher of the Year award recipients from A+ rated school districts.